On average, it takes more than 20 min to retrieve a paper record off a typical registry. This means constant hustle with paper records which results to loss in man hours and hence become costly to the organization. On that regard, we have designed a document digitization solution meant to bridge this gap between older paper based processes and the digital era
Document scanning
In doc scanning/ image scanning, we convert paper docs, pics or other files into digital formats for archiving and future references. We do the scanning for you using our exceptional expertise or we train your staff to do it. Storage of your Digitized data is managed by powerful software we install in your server to manage the whole digitizing process. Storage categories are fully customizable to departments, divisions and document types. The server can be managed locally or set up in our Server room and is always at the client disposal.
Data Management Processes and Systems
Once the documents have been scanned it needs to be archived in a proper manner from which it would be readily available and easy to retrieve when needed. Efficaxx has designed various solutions to capture and retrieve both multimedia (pictures, video and audio) and paper records. This thereby facilitates use of high technology gadgets like Tablet PCs (Apple iPads, Samsung Galaxy tablet etc.) laptops for your out of office expeditions and ordinary office PC's to access these records. Documents can either be captures in a Document Centric manner or a Human Centric manner. In many Business Process Management products, 'Human Centric Tasks' in a business process are carried out by the employees in charge who input data into web forms. In contrast, Document Centric Tasks will be done by the data transmitted between systems or within a system. Remote Storage and Access Companies are turning to digital document capture to enable their businesses integrate more efficiently with computers and the Internet. Through this integration, document digitization will enable staff within an organization to be able to work virtually from any place without being physically present in the office. Once set the system enables you to:

1. Secure Access of your data over the internet WHEREVER YOU ARE!
2. Individual access is controlled and logged.
3. Enable sharing of documents especially those that enhance collaborative work.