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Efficaxx is a competent and well established IT firm that offers IT support services to many companies with a clientele base ranging from Small Market Enterprises to Multinational companies. The company has had a significant growth and is situated in six different countries within the East and Central Africa region. Currently we are situated at Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi and Ethiopia.


Dijito.net is an information and knowledge sharing infrastructure for conferences and meetings. Using mobile devices such as handheld PCs, laptops and smart phones, participants gain access to conference information and material such as transcripts, presentations, meeting timetable, speaker profiles among others using this platform. The product is designed to maximize the impact of the conference and generate revenue for the organizers.

Intelligent Business

Is your Team Blind to important Information and Activities? IB is a knowledge information management infrastructure for managing all company information including e mails documents, calendars, customers and vendors to make them easily and securely accessible as and when required. Using social intranet paradigm it can be used by employees of an organization as collaboration vehicles for sharing knowledge and information. It makes it possible for company workers to work from anywhere using the tablet PCs and smart phones and also to manage and monitor all laid down processes in the organization for progress and key performance Indicators. With IB, nothing slips through the cracks.

Document Digitization

Information is power, your old paper records carry information that is invaluable today for business intelligence and also for regulatory reasons, paper is also insecure and risky due to fire risks and threat of being stolen nor forgetting the high management cost. On that regard, Efficaxx have designed a document digitization solution meant to bridge this gap between older paper based processes and the digital era. All paper documents are archived, indexed and stored in the central repository. And from the repository all the documents (scanned from the paper documents) are easily accessible and retrievable.

Executive Toys

Executive Toys refer to the use of tablet PCs and smart phones, for the powerful tools they are, and not just high-end toys. This sensitization is through the training on different modules concerning the devices, and matters pertaining to them such as security, enterprise and communication. Efficaxx also sell tablet PCs at discounted prices, and offer free basic training for every tablet purchased from us.

IT Consultancy

Efficaxx Support Consultants team can help you ride the waves by defining and executing a technology agenda that supports your business strategy and harnesses the power of technology innovation, while squeezing value out of your legacy environments, to drive high performance. We combine our end-to-end portfolio of technology services—from strategy and architecture to security and infrastructure—with a proven, outcome-oriented approach to improve the design, efficiency and effectiveness of our clients’ IT capabilities.


Efficaxx provides primary, secondary, and disaster recovery co location solutions that include secure racks and secure cages. Efficaxx co location services help companies to safeguard mission-critical data with the highest levels of security and operational reliability.

Cloud Backup

Is your business protected from data loss? With our powerful servers, we ensure that your data is kept safe and encrypted to prevent unauthorized access and enhance security. Backup data are available at any time of need by the source institution. Multiple backups are also done to ensure that in a rare scenario where of one server fails the backup is still conducted on the other active servers. Safe data archiving is a surety with guaranteed support in case of any difficulty encountered by our clients through our active online support ticketing system and active telephone lines.

Smart Legal

Smart Legal is a Legal Practice Management System (LPMS) that deals with the automation and streamlining of the day to day operations of a legal firm. The system enables the user to manage all the files and documents that stream into the firm whilst managing their movement within. It has workflows which track document movement and it is stored in a well-structured and indexed procedure for easy retrieval.

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